As a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I am able to sell Zentangle® products to you. Below is a list of the things I have available for sale.

  Stephanie, my daughter, handles sales of products. So if you have any enquiries or questions, send an e-mail to, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  If you're looking to buy crafts that Teacher Stephanie and I have made, visit this page.

  This is a list of all the items we have available for purchase:



Original White- $1.15 || Apprentice- $0.90

Zendala White- $1.60 || Bijou- $0.90



0.1 Micron- $2.10
0.8 Micron- $2.10

Pigma Pen- $2.20

Uni-ball Silver- $1.75
Uni-ball Sparkling- $1.75



Sketchbook- $1.90
Pencil- $0.15
Tortillon- $0.20
Soapstone- $2.00


Pouch- $1.50


The drawstring pouches we sell are made of linen. You can comfortably fit pens and tiles in it. They come in ten beautiful colours- ruby red, brilliant white, orange, grass green, sky blue, steel blue, ultrmarine, original hemp, magenta, and blush pink. We might consider bringing in new colours in the future, so let us know if you have a colour you'd like to see added to the collection.

(Tile and pens are included in picture for size reference.)

  To make a purchase, fill out the form below and let us know what items you want, and how many of each item you want. Simple as that.

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Let us know what items you want, and how many of each item you want.