Joni started her artistic journey at the age of eight, and was self-taught. She wanted to pursue art but her mother wasn't supportive. Thus, she chose a different career path which led her to live in Europe for over twenty years, after which, she decided to pursue her love of Art. Her life in Europe inspired her to try to mix Eastern and Western beliefs together. Paired with her strong belief in spirituality she decided to use the Chinese zodiac and the astrological signs as a start off point in her drawings.

  She became a Certified Zentangle Teacher at the 21st CZT Seminar. With her daughter, she has opened an art enrichment centre called "Everything Is Art" to teach the Zentangle method to people in Singapore.

  She had her first exhibition,"Building Bridges", in August 2015.

  She was featured in the book, "World of Zentangle", and has also been featured in news articles.